We are two designers living in South East London with two small humans and our dog. I set up WORKSHOP after moving house into our third building project, it was born out of a frustration that we couldn't ever source simply-styled, well-made, long-lasting and affordable hardware in the UK for our home. So the first products for sale here were designed for us, for a need we had in our own home. 

At the time I'd also recently resigned from my day-job because quite frankly I was EXHAUSTED from the cumulative effect of years of renovation work - mostly done by ourselves, and from having two babies in less than two years. (The second of which had bad reflux and never slept for more than 40 minutes.) So WORKSHOP enabled me to start to use my brain again for something other than looking after babies, and allowed me to start to build a career that better fit around having two small children, one of which didn't like sleeping very much!

All our products are designed by us and are hand-crafted in limited batches by small workshops in the UK (including our own). We never make more than we need because we care deeply about treading gently on the planet. The materials we use are sustainable and our products are made to be cared for so that they last a lifetime.

 These days the store is just one part of my patchwork career (or 'multi-hyphenate' if I want to sound modern ;-)), alongside product design and spatial commissions for private and corporate clients. If you would like to discuss a commission or a collaboration please get in touch. 

So that's it, that's the story of my shop, WORKSHOP. 

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Nadine x