Soy and coconut wax candle - bay and rosemary

Soy and coconut wax candle - bay and rosemary

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A luxurious hand-poured soy and coconut wax candle infused with the comforting evergreen scent of bay and rosemary made by us at In aromatherapy rosemary is used for relaxation and boosts alertness whilst bay is both calming and said to reduce pain.

We started making these candles because we wanted candles for our home that are chemical and cruelty free. We only make for the shop what we want it our own home! Many candles contain parafin which makes the production easier and scent throw stronger, but it also gives off the same gas that is found in petrol fumes! Our candles are entirely natural, coconut wax is the cleanest, purest, most sustainable wax, but it is generally hard to find on the market because it has such a low melting temperature (and is therefore harder to control) and it is more expensive than alternatives! 

Size 120ml jar

Burn time approx. 20 hours

Paraffin free, cruelty free, suitable for vegans

Comes with a black lid.

This is a hand-made product, some air bubbles or tiny imperfections are to be expected.

Don't throw your jar away - you can use it afterwards as a tea light holder or for storage, or you can send it back to Workshop to receive money off your next order.

Never leave naked flames unattended. 

All our products are designed by us and are hand-crafted in limited batches by small workshops in the UK. We never make more than we need because we care deeply about treading gently on the planet. The materials we use are sustainable and our products are made to be cared for, and to endure.